11. dec. 2013

YOLO, baby

Boots: NELLY - Lipstick: Yves Rocher - Leopard Headwrap (unfort sold out): River Island

What´s up pretty faces :D It´s Winter in Denmark, but if it wasn´t, I´d totally throw this outfit on and rock the f *ck out of it, hahah. Well, if these items were in my closet of course..which they´re not, but hey, you can never get too much style inspiration! :D

See ya soon and Happy Holidays!

Xoxo, Peace & Love ~ Rosa

7. dec. 2013

Joan Smalls' Punk Look

Joan Smalls' Punk Look

Look of the Day photo | Joan Smalls and Gabrielle Union

How pretty was model Joan Smalls the other night, at the after party for the 2013 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's opening night benefit gala? Yeah, I know!
She looks so fierce and I´m thinking of channeling her beauty look for New Years Eve..if I can wait until then;)